Stainless Steel Splicer for 3/16 Inch x 3/16 Inch I.D. Vinyl Tubing


  • This splicer has the ability to splice several different hoses
  • 3/16" I.D. vinyl to 3/16" I.D. vinyl
  • 3/16" I.D. vinyl to 1/4" I.D. poly
  • 1/4" I.D. poly to 1/4" I.D. poly
  • Constructed of durable 303 stainless steel

This beer line hose splicer is for splicing together two 3/16" I.D. vinyl hoses. It can also splice a 3/16" I.D. vinyl hose to a 1/4" I.D. polyethylene hose or a 1/4" I.D. polyethylene hose to another 1/4" I.D. polyethylene hose. The splicer is made of 303 stainless steel.