Kegco KVM Kegerator Vending Machine

What is a KVM?

"KVM" is short for Kegerator Vending Machine - the world's first fully unattended, self-service beverage tap vending machine that offers a variety of craft beverages on tap.

Two-Tap Kegerator Vending Machine

24" Wide Black Commercial Keg Dispenser


Four-Tap Kegerator Vending Machine

24" Wide Black Commercial Keg Dispenser


Craft Beverages on Tap

The KVM serves coffee-house quality beverages (such as nitro cold brew coffee, kombucha, teas, energy drinks, seltzers, and more) as offered through a variety of local and nationwide beverage vendors, brewers, and distributors.

Paid or Happy Hour(TM) Use

Through its integrated POS system, the KVM allows operators to charge by the ounce for the beverages poured through the KVM, or the KVM can be configured to provide craft beverages at no charge to customers for a designated period of time (like the "Happy Hour(TM)" events that are popular with apartment building clients).

Comprehensive Data Tracking

The KVM is capable of remotely monitoring all sales and transaction data, product inventory levels, temperature data, and gas pressure levels. The KVM dashboard also allows you to set product pricing remotely, upload product images, and monitor connectivity logs.

Pin Code Promotions or Customer Pour Control

Proprietary software offers PIN code promotions that allow customers to enter a unique PIN code for free or discounted beverages (as provided by the operator or location), or the same PIN code functionality can be used to limit the number of ounces a customer pours during any given period, which is also popular with customer building clients that wish to set a daily Happy Hour(TM) limit for their residents.