Guinness Essentials Premium Conversion Kit


  • Dispense stout, cold brew coffee, or various other cold beverages with the included Guinness stout dispensing beer faucet
  • Convert your co2 draft beer system into a Nitrogen powered dispense system
  • Parts included will allow for conversion to and from regular co2 system to a nitrogen system
  • Tap Guinness kegs using the "U" system lever handle keg coupler
  • Features regulator adapter necessary to swap the co2 tank for nitrogen

Pouring GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å is different from dispensing your standard carbonated beer. The key differences to a GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å dispensing conversion kit as opposed to our standard kits are the specialty faucet, the GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å dispensing coupler, and the mixed gas high pressure tank. GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å requires a specialty faucet with a restrictor spout to achieve the proper head. To properly tap a GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å keg, you will need a European "U" system keg coupler. Nitrogen tanks have a CGA-580 valve as opposed to the standard CGA-320 valve found on a CO2 tank, making them incompatible with regulators that are designed to dispense carbonated beer.

This Premium GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å Essentials Kit includes a stainless steel stout faucet, an ergonomic squeeze handle keg coupler and a CO2 regulator to nitrogen tank adapter which will allow you to use your existing regulator instead of purchasing an expensive nitrogen regulator separately. Simply switch out the faucet and coupler on your existing system and install the adapter on your regulator and you are ready to go! This is a great non-permanent solution that allows you to switch back and forth from carbonated to nitrogenated beers easily.

The most complex part of dispensing GuinnessÌÎÌ_í1/2í1/2̴å is getting a mixed gas high pressure tank that a local gas supplier will be willing to fill. You can either rent your tank locally or you can buy our high quality tank once you confirm that you can fill it with a mixed blend locally first.