22 Cu. Feet Nitrogen Air Tank - High Pressure Aluminum Gas Cylinder

BF I22-580

  • The Kegco SEWM-2010-5 wall mount drip tray features a drain and it's unique dimensions makes it perfect for use with growlers and pint glasses
  • Does not require extra drilling to install
  • Catch tray includes 18" backsplash with five mount holes capable of hanging directly from shank
  • Equipped with a brass drain insert with washer, hex nut, and a pipe thread drain nipple capable of attaching to a 1/2" I.D. drain hose
  • Constructed of sanitary stainless steel with welded corners for safety and a removable louvered grill for quick drainage

The Kegco 22 Cu. Ft. nitrogen air tank is constructed of high strength aluminum alloy 6061-TS making it a popular choice because it is not as heavy as a steel tank and will not rust. The service pressure of this air tank is up to 2216 PSI/153 BAR. These cylinders are stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada markings. The 580 valves are CGA approved, and have a female thread for Nitrogen Regulators.

Guinness and other stout beers are nitrogenated as opposed to being carbonated. Nitrogen is what gives Guinness its famous taste and pour. The proper gas mixture you will need is 75% Nitrogen and 25% CO2. Not every gas supplier is willing or able to fill a mixed blend, so you will want to ensure that you can find a gas supplier that is willing to fill a mixed blend. Generally we find that most suppliers are willing to fill a tank comparable in size to our standard 5 or 10 lb. CO2 tank.
NOTE: Tank ships empty and does not come filled.


  • 5-1/8" Diameter
  • 19.5" Height
  • 2216 PSI
  • 153 BAR
  • CGA-580 Valve