Introducing The Kegco HK-46 Mini Kegerator

Sleek Design

Sleek + Compact Design

This small counter top kegerator is an exclusive Kegco design and allows bars, restaurants, home bars, and kitchens to easily incorporate a kegerator despite space limitations.

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Three Models Designed To Give You The Perfect Pour

Full-sized power in a compact size, the HK-46 mini kegerator is built with options to dispense a variety of beverages, each with their specifically engineered parts and system.


Beer Glass

Carbonated Water

Water Glass

Nitro Cold Brew

Cold Brew Glass

Home Brew Compatible

This kegerator has a 1.34 cubic feet interior cabinet and is compatible with a 1.75 gallon ball lock keg, perfect for small batches and homebrew batches. Ball lock connections are easy to attach and securely connects the keg.

Commercial Grade Kegerator

Designed for commercial use, this kegerator contains a powerful compressor cooling system and high-quality commercial-grade parts to ensure consistently perfect pours. The stainless steel faucet ensures consistent flavors.

Versatile Design

With a field reversible door design, customize your dispense system to suit your needs. The parts can be easily changed out and upgraded as needed, allowing you to fully customize your serving experience.

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