HK-46-DB Single Tap Digital Draft Beer Mini Kegerator with Keg - Black

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The Kegco Kegco HK-46-DB Single Tap Digital Draft Beer Mini Kegerator's sleek and compact design allows it to sit perfectly on a counter top or or in small spaces. This exclusive model to the Kegco range is commercial-grade units and is designed for use in homes, bars, breweries, and restaurants. Fully equipped with high-quality commercially-rated parts, this counter top kegerator optimally dispenses homebrew or craft beer. The compact cabinet can hold up to a 2.5 gallon keg, delivering approximately up to 20 pints or 16 oz. servings. Premium dispense equipment parts backed by years of industry experience and exceptional customer service. Portable and easy to maintain this mini draft beer kegerator delivers consistently great tasting beer every pour.

Beer kegerator

Designed for Draft Beer

Specifically designed to serve perfectly poured draft beer the Kegco HK-46 is equipped with the high-quality commercially-rated parts to ensure every pour is consistent and delicious.

Sleek & Compact

The sleek and compact design allows this kegerator to sit on a counter top without taking up space and can be easily moved as needed. This small counter top kegerator is an exclusive Kegco design and allows bars, restaurants, home bars, and kitchens to easily incorporate a kegerator despite space limitations. Easily plugs into a standard electrical outlet and low-profile design allow it to seamlessly integrate into most spaces.

Optional Premium Dispense Kit

This optional premium dispense kit includes a faucet designed to perfectly pour draft beer, this premium chrome beer faucet ensures consistently perfectly poured beers. The curved spout shape allows the beer to remain in contact with the glass during dispensing and prevents foamy beer.

Single faucet keg configuration for kegerators

Small Batch & Homebrew Compatible

This kegerator has a 1.34 cubic feet interior cabinet and is compatible with a 2.5 gallon ball lock keg, perfect for small batches and homebrew batches. Ball lock connections are easy to attach and securely connects the keg.

Versatile Design

With a field reversible door design, customize your dispense system to suit your needs. The parts can be easily changed out and upgraded as needed, allowing you to fully customize your draft beer serving experience.

Single faucet keg configuration for kegerators

Commercial-Grade Kegerator

Designed for commercial use, this kegerator contains a powerful compressor cooling system and high-quality commercial-grade parts to ensure consistently perfect pours. LED temperature control display allows you to easily adjust and control the internal temperature of your kegerator.

Fan Forced Cooling

Fan-forced cooling keeps the cabinet's interior evenly chilled throughout, and cold air directed into the dispensing faucet ensures your beer is just as cool and refreshing when served. The kegerator also features automatic defrost for keeping the cooling coils in optimal condition.

Single faucet keg configuration for kegerators


  • Sleek and compact design allows it to sit perfectly on a counter top or in small spaces
  • Its field reversible door design allows this keg dispenser to fit even better in any office, apartment, or game room
  • The compact cabinet can hold up to a 2.5 gallon ball lock keg, delivering approximately 20 pints or 16 oz. servings of homebrew or craft beer
  • Designed for commercial use, this kegerator utilizes a powerful compressor cooling system for consistently perfect pours
  • Digital temperature controls and fan-forced cooling keep the cabinet's interior evenly chilled throughout



  • Width: 16.9 in
  • Height: 20.3 in
  • Depth: 19.5 in
  • Dimensions

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Faucets: 1
  • Refrigeration

  • Amperage: 1.3 A
  • Cabinet Color: Black
  • Door Color: Black
  • Door Count: 1
  • Handle Style: Recessed
  • Defrost Type: Automatic
  • Includes Guardrail: No
  • Includes Casters: No
  • Panel Ready: No
  • Includes Drip Tray: No
  • Field Reversible: Yes
  • Includes Lock: No
  • Includes Thermostat: Yes
  • Digital Temperature Control: Yes
  • Commercial Usage: Yes
  • Outdoor Ready: No
  • Built In Capable: No


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