Two Tap Polished Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with Stout Beer Faucets


Pour the perfect glass of Guinness® or coldbrew coffee with this Kegco 2FT-GSF Double Faucet 3" Diameter Polished Stainless Steel Draft Tower, which comes complete with two Chrome Plated Stout Beer Faucets for smooth and creamy beer or iced coffee every time! Stout faucets have specially designed restricted spouts with tiny discs that help slow down your pour, allowing your beer or coffee to achieve that famous cascading head. This restrictor disc can be removed if you want to pour regular draft beer. Two separate 5' lengths of 3/16" clear beer tubing with nozzle and hex nut assemblies and a gasket with four screws are included for easy assembly and mounting, and two sleek black faucet knobs give your new tower an elegant finished look.