"Sippy Cup" Stainless Steel Pint Glass


Get your sippy cup ready for space travel or... just regular travel! This limited edition design includes everyone's favorite space baby and his favorite sippy cup. Keep your drinks cold or warm for hours! Whether you're traveling around space or just around your home, you can enjoy your favorite beverage at its perfect temperature.

The 16 oz. stainless steel vacuum beer cups are made of premium quality food grade stainless steel. These BPA free beer mugs are highly resistant to absorbing odors, tastes, and bacteria, so you'll be using them to drink delicious beer, sodas, and other beverages for years to come!

The cups boast a double wall design that acts as a barrier to heat transfer, so outside temperatures will not keep your beverages from remaining frosty cold or piping hot, making them equally suitable for cold beer or fresh-brewed coffee. This also helps prevent condensation on the outside of the cup so they won't leave wet rings on your coffee table or be too hot to hold with your bare hands.