Single Tap Direct Draw Kit with 10 lb. CO2 Tank


  • Features everything you need to dispense a store bought keg from a kegerator or jockey box
  • Includes an empty 10 lb. aluminum CO2 tank
  • Commercial grade double gauge CO2 regulator indicates output pressure and tank capacity
  • Includes a commercial grade D system keg coupler to tap all North American store bought kegs
  • Includes 5 feet of blue air line with two plastic snap clamps and a neoprene washer for leak-free connection

Our direct draw kit is the perfect addition to a kegerator or jockey box, allowing you to pressurize and dispense American D system kegs from your draft beer system. The kit features everything you need to tap the keg and connect it to your dispense system, including a brand new 10 lb. aluminum CO2 tank (empty), a double gauge commercial grade regulator, a lever handle Sankey D system keg coupler, 5' thermoplastic vinyl air line, two plastic air line clamps, and a neoprene washer.

PLEASE NOTE: When pairing with a jockey box, you will need a jumper line to connect the keg coupler to the inlet on the jockey box.