Pro Series Two Pressure Primary CO2 Draft Beer Regulator Battery

KC LH-542-DP

This Kegco LH-542-DP Pro Series Two Pressure Primary CO2 Regulator can be used with any CO2 tank with a male CGA-320 valve, and is the perfect solution for dispensing from two different kegs that require different CO2 pressures. Built for durability, each regulator features a forged brass body with all brass connections and components, sintered brass inlet filter, integrated nylon tank connection washer, and self resetting safety release valve. The two top gauges let you know how much CO2 pressure is in each keg, while the side gauge lets you know how much CO2 gas is left inside the tank. The two large adjustment knobs have lock rings that let you easily adjust the gas flow to each keg without requiring a screwdriver. The tamper proof safety pressure relief valve releases at 45 psi, and a shut off valve allows you to instantly shut off pressure to the kegs without backing up your gas line.

  • Output Pressure Gauges: 0-60 psi
  • Tank Pressure Gauge: 0-2000 psi
  • Female CGA-320 Connection for CO2 Tank
  • Output - 1/4" FNPT
  • Integral Safety Pressure Relief Valves Release at 45 psi