Premium Dual Tap Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit with 5 lb. CO2 Tank

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Keep your draft beer tasting brewery-fresh with Kegco's Premium Two Faucet Door Mount Conversion Kit! Filled with stainless steel component parts like a coupler probe, shanks, and faucets, it has been specially designed to ensure that your beer will only touch 100% stainless steel metal and food grade thermoplastic vinyl that does not give off any plastic taste. The faucets included are Perlick PERL faucets that feature an innovative design that will not stick, even when dispensing heaver beers. Kegco has filled this kit with even more convenient features for a premium beer dispensing experience, like a lightweight 5 lb. CO2 tank made of high strength aluminum alloy, a two product double gauge regulator for dispensing two beers at the same pressure, and a wall mount stainless steel drip tray that makes clean-up a breeze.

There is nothing else on the market quite like this Perlick beer faucet. It's revolutionary ball and floating front seal design prevents beer from being exposed to air, keeping your handle lever from sticking and mold or bacteria from building up in the faucet body. The heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction will not pint, tarnish, or taint the flavor of your beer, and it's polished interior ensures a smoother flow with less agitation and foaming. It is even suitable for wine, kombucha, and coffee!

100% STAINLESS CONTACT100% Stainless Steel Contact:
All the metal components that your beer will come in contact with are high quality stainless steel from the keg to your glass. This ensures higher levels of sanitation as stainless steel will not pit or harbor bacteria like brass. Along with the food grade thermoplastic vinyl beer lines, these components ensure that your beer does not pick up any off flavors and tastes the way the brewery intended.

Commercial Grade Double Gauge RegulatorCommercial Grade Double Gauge Regulator:
Durably constructed to deliver a consistent flow pour after pour, this two product commercial grade dual gauge regulator features a T-style adjustment valve that makes it easy to adjust the pressure inside of the keg. The gauge on top of the regulator indicates CO2 pressure in the keg, while the gauge on the side indicates the remaining volume of CO2 gas. Includes a y splitter and two independent shut-off valves for dispensing up to two kegs at the same keg pressure.

Lever Handle Keg CouplersLever Handle D System Keg Couplers:
This NSF-approved commercial grade keg coupler features a sturdy nickel-plated forged brass body with a stainless steel probe, and is designed for use with all domestic brand American D system Sankey kegs. The lever-handle design is easy to use - simply pull out and then down on the handle to couple the keg. A 55-psi pressure relief valve makes this coupler even more convenient to use, allowing over-pressurized gas to escape before it enters your keg.

Lever Handle Keg CouplersDoor Mount Stainless Steel Drip Tray:
Our popular 10" wide door mounted drip tray's clean design and reliable stainless steel construction make it easy to enjoy delicious draft beer every day - mess-free! Installation is simple, thanks to the two conveniently placed screw holes on the backsplash. When it's time to clean, the top vent can be removed for easy access. Because this drip tray does not have a drain, you will need to empty it manually.


  • Wall mount drip tray is stainless steel and manages runoff and spills so you don't have to
  • Surfaces that contact beer are made with stainless steel for increased sanitation and preservation of flavor
  • Upgraded stainless Perlick 630SS beer faucets keep the handle levers from sticking, while also keeping flavor and are suitable for wine, soda, or kombucha
  • The 762-2 two product commercial grade double gauge regulator by Kegco is built to ensure less foam pour after pour
  • Includes 5lb co2 tank constructed of high strength aluminum alloy


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