Premium Commercial Grade Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator


  • Reduced pressure to the gauges and knob, making adjustment effortless at or below freezing temperatures, relieving stress on internal components
  • Large adjustment knob operates on less than 360 degrees of rotation for full range, allowing for extreme precision of the output pressure
  • Shut-off valve provides quick solution to cut pressure to the keg and includes a check valve to prevent backflow
  • Highly durable commercial-grade draft beer nitrogen regulator features a multi-stage body which allows for more precision when adjusting output pressure
  • Two stages that reduces output pressure from the tank, then fine tunes that pressure output to the keg

It's now easier than ever to dispense delicious stout beer, coffee, or wine thanks to Kegco's new HL-62N Commercial Grade Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator, which has been specially designed to provide maximum convenience and durability in busy commercial environments like bars, tasting rooms, and restaurants. This dual gauge draft beer regulator has a gauge on top that measures the pressure in the keg as well as a gauge on the side that indicates how much nitrogen is left in the gas cylinder, so you'll never be caught off guard by an empty tank again. Both gauges come equipped with rubber boots that help protect them from damage in the event of a fall, and a large pressure adjustment knob allows you to make quick and precise adjustments by hand.

For added safety, this regulator also features an internal safety pressure relief valve that releases when the delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG, a manual pressure release valve built into the regulator body, and a shut-off valve that makes it easy to instantly shut off pressure to the keg without backing up your beer line. This shut-off valve has a check valve that prevents backflow into the regulator.

  • Plastic adjustment knob is more precise and easier to turn than similar models
  • Commercial grade design withstands the demands of the busiest bars and restaurants
  • Rubber boot on gauges helps to prevent damage in the event of a fall
  • Non-adjustable "shut-down" has been built into the regulator body
  • Shut-off valve has a check valve to prevent backflow into the regulator
  • Whenever delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG an internal relief valve opens, serving as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be damaged or worn and should be replaced
  • Inlet nipple has a sintered metal flow control filter to keep dirt and other particles from harming the internal regulator parts
  • Inlet nipple has a permanent thick nylon seal that eliminates one source of leaks, so you will not need to use a new fiber washer every time the tank is changed
  • Hose barb end has been designed for use with 5/16" I.D. pressure tubing
  • Regulators are all pressure tested to assure reliability in the field