Homebrew Party Kegerator Kit with One Ball Lock Keg & 5 lb. CO2 Tank


  • The NSF approved Kegco D4743T 3" diameter draft beer tower shines with the polished stainless steel finish
  • The Kegco Pro Series 542 double gauge regulator features large hand adjustment knob to easily manage output pressure
  • Features ball lock keg with co2 tank to keep your beer fresh, whether inside a fridge or a kegerator
  • Install the conversion kit in your fridge with the easy to follow instruction manual
  • Includes 5 lb sturdy aluminum co2 tank

The Kegco SHPCK-BL-5T Picnic Faucet Homebrew Kegerator Kit is an excellent choice for party dispensing or converting your refrigerator into a kegerator without having to drill any holes in the appliance.

As a party dispenser, it is great because you don't have to pump the keg by hand so you get your beer faster. As a kegerator conversion, it allows your keg to stay fresh and cold inside the fridge without the need for any holes in your fridge. In either case, the beer will stay fresh much longer than when a hand pump is used because the CO2 prevents the beer from going flat.