Elite Series Single Gauge Secondary Regulator


The LHU5S-1 Elite Series Single Gauge Secondary CO2 Draft Beer Regulator has a bold design with elite functionality. Secondary regulators are used when you are attempting to dispense two or more kegs off of the same CO2 tank at different pressures. The secondary regulator has its own manual pressure release valve, internal pressure release valve that releases pressure at 55-65 PSI, and large pressure adjustment knob, and can be mounted to a wall or the inside of the keg refrigerator. In order to use this secondary regulator, you will still need a primary regulator with one output that connects to the secondary using a piece of air line. The LHU5S-1 has a single 5/16" barb and a single gauge that indicates how much CO2 pressure is inside of the keg.

Kegco LHU51 Design

Bold Design

This regulator's sophisticated design boasts a bold black gauge with high-contrast red and white text that is both stylish and easy to read. A matching black plastic handle and black shut-off knob add to the sleek look.

Kegco LHU51 Performance

Powerful Performance

A large ergonomic adjustment knob gives you the power to make precise pressure adjustments with ease, between 0-60 PSI.

Kegco LHU51 Durability

Unbeatable Durability

Constructed from sturdy chrome-plated brass, this regulator also features a dependable rubber boot on the pressure gauge that protects the gauge from damage.