Economy Tower DIY Kegerator Conversion Kit


With the Kegco Economy Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit, it is now easier than ever for any beer lover to convert a compact refrigerator or chest freezer into a professional looking draft beer dispenser! Featuring the same beautiful 2.5" diameter chrome plated metal draft tower that is used on commercial grade kegerators like True and Beverage Air, this kit includes all of the high quality parts you'll need along with detailed instructions to help you every step of the way. Once your new kegerator is complete, you can begin easily tapping any North American store bought keg using the American D system Sankey Coupler, and pouring glass after glass from the stylish chrome plated brass faucet. The pro series dual gauge regulator makes CO2 pressure adjustment convenient and safe, thanks to a large user-friendly hand control and both a manual and an automatic tamper-proof pressure relief valve.

D4740 2.5" Diameter Chrome Plated Draft Beer Tower:
The tower is a commercial grade Single Column, Single Faucet, 2.5" Diameter, Chrome Plated Metal Draft Tower. This Tower comes complete with a Chrome Plated Faucet with Brass Lever and 5 Feet of 3/16 Inch I.D. Clear Beer Tubing. The NSF-approved beer faucet features a forged brass body with a highly polished chrome finish and the lever has standard threading that is compatible with most branded tap handles.

Pro Series Single Gauge RegulatorPro Series Single Gauge Regulator:
Easily measure PSI and Co2 volume and adjust Co2 output pressure using this pro series dual gauge regulator packed with premium features! The top gauge indicates output pressure, while the side gauge tells you what's left in the Co2 tank, so you don't run out of gas during a party. The chrome plated brass body has a large pressure adjustment knob for easy use and includes a manual pressure release valve.

FT86P - D System Wing Handle Keg CouplerD System Wing Handle Keg Coupler:
This plastic wing handle keg coupler (keg tap) is compatible with all domestic brand kegs. This coupler works with all domestic "D" system sankey kegs. This keg tap features a 55-psi pressure relief valve and a nickel-plated forged brass body.

Note: CO2 tank is optional add on and shown for reference purposes