Hipster Holiday 16 oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Beer Cup Set


  • 16 oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Beer Cup constructed of highly durable food grade stainless steel
  • Designed with double walls in order to act as a barrier against heat transfer, keeping outside temperatures on the outside
  • Double wall feature prevents condensation from building up, set it down anywhere
  • The perfect way to enjoy your favorite beer, juice, or other carbonated beverage
  • BPA free container is highly resistant to absorbing odors, tastes, and bacteria

Crafted of durable food grade stainless steel, our 16oz vacuum insulated beer cup features a double wall design. The double walls acts as a barrier against outside temperatures, so your icy cold beverage will stay that way for hours on end. You won't leave water rings either as the disconnected interior does not build up condensation. You can also drink hot beverages without the heat seeping through. These mugs are BPA free, highly resistant to absorbing odors, bacteria, and tastes, meaning it will surely outlast your other cups in your cabinet.