50 Gallon Brew Kettle with Thermometer and 2-Piece Ball Valve


  • The Kegco 50 Gallon Brew Kettle is specially designed for brewing applications and built with durability to keep you brewing US Barrels or 30 gallon batches for a lifetime
  • Kegco brewing pots are constructed of heavy duty 304 stainless steel with a tri-clad bottom that ensures even heat distribution and makes them compatible with induction cook-tops
  • The boil pot comes equipped with a lid that was conveniently designed to hang on the kettle's silicone, riveted handles
  • Features internal volume markers in liters and gallons, standard 7/8" accessory holes, weldless bulkheads, a dial thermometer, and a 2-piece ball valve
  • Perfect for brewing batches, being used as a mash tun, or being used as a hot liquor tank, every detail of Kegco stock pots have been thought through enough to enhance the home-brewing experience

Built with durability and specially designed for brewing applications, Kegco Brew Kettles will keep you brewing for a lifetime! This 50 gallon brew pot is the perfect kettle for a full wort boil on any US Barrel (31 gallon) batch, a mash tun for a 30-35 gallon all-grain system, or a 50 gallon hot liquor tank. It is a great choice for any home-brewer who wants to start brewing professionally.

Constructed of heavy-duty, food grade, 22 gauge, 304 stainless steel, Kegco brewing pots feature a tri-clad bottom that ensures even heat distribution and makes them compatible with induction cook-tops, and come equipped with a lid designed to hang conveniently on the kettle's handles. The silicone handles have been riveted in place to allow you to lift a hot liquid-filled pot with confidence. Inside the brew pot, internal volume markers in both gallons and liters make it fast and simple to confirm the volume regardless of the recipe you're using. Two standard 7/8" accessory holes and two weldless bulkheads allow for easy cleaning and customization. The 1/2" NPT bulkheads feature male threads on one side and female threads on the other for a multitude of uses.

Whether you're using this Kegco stock pot for brewing batches, as a mash tun, or as a hot liquor tank, every detail has been thought through to enhance your home-brewing experience. This brew kettle includes a dial thermometer in the upper bulkhead and a 2-piece ball valve in the lower bulkhead.