Dispense Hot & Cold

For the first time ever, hot and cold coffee from the same keg. Plus, get one extra keg for a beverage of your choice. Cheers.

Same Keg

One keg for both hot and cold. Our patented* system delivers nitro cold brew coffee (hot or cold) using the same keg. The hot tap heats your coffee to the perfect temperature at the point of dispense. Instantly. Keep your coffee fresher longer and minimize waste with Kegco.

Stays Fresher Longer

Kegged coffee with our nitro pour system stays fresher longer and minimizes waste.

While idle, the Main Screen will display "On Demand", indicating that your Hot Draft® Tower is ready for operation.

Open the Hot Draft® Faucet to begin heating your beverage. The Main Screen will display the messages "Please Wait ... " and "Unit Heating". This indicates that your Hot Draft® Tower is heating the beverage up to the setpoint temperature. Keep the faucet open while the unit is heating the beverage. Heating may take up to 10 seconds.

The Hot Draft® Tower will begin dispensing your heated beverage from the Hot Draft® Faucet when the beverage is within 15° F of the setpoint temperature. The Main Screen will display the message "Pouring". At least a 12 oz pour is recommended to reach a consistent in-cup temperature.

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Stainless Steel Hot Draft

Our Kegco Hot Draft Kegerator in a sleek, stainless steel finish.


Matte Black Hot Draft

Our Kegco Hot Draft Kegerator in a muted, matte black finish.


Wrap it!

Beverage Factory and Kegco offer custom printing. Customize your unit when you pre-order.


*The Kegco Hot Draft® System is patented. Patent Numbers: 10,092,132 10,939,781


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