Kegerator VS. Keezer

December 03, 2020

Not all beer dispensers are built alike, kegerators and keezers while both are beer dispensers, they have some key differences. Before you decide on which beer dispenser you need, you’ll need to learn more about the pros and cons of these beverage delivery systems. As experts in the beer and beverage industry for over two decades, we have developed a knowledge base of everything you need to know about both kegerators and keezers. This guide will take you through the major differences and help you decide on which dispense experience is ideal for you. 


What is a Kegerator? 

A kegerator, better known as a beer lover’s best friend, is actually  a versatile beverage dispenser for all beverages that are stored in kegs. A kegerator uses CO2 or nitrogen to dispense and enhance the flavors and mouthfeel of your beverage. A kegerator completely changes your beverage experience, just ask anyone who appreciates craft beer. This dispenser enhances the notes in your beverage so much, you’ll wonder why you’ve been drinking beer from a can or bottle this whole time. 


What is a Keezer?

A kegerator is often a big investment and a keezer may be slightly more affordable but it does require a fairly large time commitment and work to construct. That’s right, those who like to build and create will love building their own kegerator. A keezer is essentially a kegerator and freezer put together (and they say beer enthusiasts aren’t creative). Beer enthusiasts actually are quite creative because they came up with this concept of building their own kegerator. Essentially taking a freezer, you can find a conversion kit, which will allow you to transform your regular old freezer into a beverage dispensing keezer!


What is a Conversion Kit? 

A conversion kit includes all the internal and external parts needed to convert a freezer or refrigerator into a beverage dispenser, also known as a kegerator. There are a variety of different conversion kits depending on if you want to build a beer kegerator, cold brew dispenser, or a multiple tap kegerator. All Kegco conversion kits come with the same high-quality all stainless steel contact parts that are found in Kegco kegerators. 


What is the difference between a kegerator and a keezer? 

Pre-Built vs. Build Your Own 

A kegerator is specifically designed to optimally store, chill, and dispense kegs. The cabinet is designed to hold a keg and is easy to load and unload the cabinet. The temperature control is designed to be precise and ideal for beverage dispensing without causing damage to your beverage. You will still need to assemble the internal parts and the beer tower but that is the extent of assembly required. A kegerator is easy to clean and maintain because the unit and its parts are designed for dispensing, finding replacement parts will be very easy. 

A keezer requires you to install and build the beverage dispensing parts into a freezer. This requires a lot more work, time, and a bit of skill because you will have to cut and drill a hole for your beer tower or faucet. This also requires you to own or purchase additional tools to get the job done. The appealing part of a keezer is for those who enjoy a hands on and crafty approach. Building your own keezer allows you to customize many parts of your dispenser but you may need to do some research to ensure you have the right parts. Foe example, if your cabinet is particularly tall, you may need a longer beer or gas line, in order to have a functioning dispenser. A keeser requires a lot of careful planning, research, and construction. 

Professional vs. Unique 

Both a kegerator and keezer can be customized with any standard to premium parts. At Kegco, we offer a wide range of parts to create your dream dispenser, whether you want to build a keezer or assemble a kegerator. When it comes to the quality of dispense parts, kegerators and keezers can be built to be one of the best around. The biggest difference between a kegerator and a keezer is that a kegerator is engineered specifically for professionals, so you are guaranteed to get a unit that will work perfectly. When you build your own keezer, there is a chance you may run across issues with dispensing if you don’t know how to properly install your conversion kit. 

However, with a keezer, you can choose a freezer with a design that may fit with your home decor. Many people love a retro twist to their home bar and a retro styled freezer or refrigerator can be converted into a beverage dispenser. This allows you to have a totally unique and one-of-a-kind dispenser. Just keep in mind that freezers are not designed to hold kegs and you will want to be conscious of the freezer’s temperature range. 

Temperature Differences 

One of the most important differences we need to discuss about kegerators versus keezers is the temperature range. While many people will tout the incredible low temperatures that a keezer can provide, it isn’t ideal for dispensing all types of beverages. For example, light beers can potentially freeze at temperatures as high as 31 degrees Fahrenheit, which many freezers highest temperature is 32 degrees. If you choose to make a keezer, you need to be sure your freezer has a wide temperature range and can go above 40 degrees.

The ideal temperature for storing and dispensing beer is approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit, to avoid freezing or heating your beer, which can be damaging to the flavors and life of your beer. A kegerator is designed to store kegs and dispense beers, as well as a variety of other beverages. A keezer isn't designed to hold or dispense a keg and while capable or doing so, you need to be careful that the temperature isn't too low for your beverages. 


Is it worth buying a kegerator or a keezer?

When it comes down to which beverage dispenser is the ideal solution for you, it really depends on your goals. If you’re looking to create something aesthetically unique and will dispense your beverages, a keezer is the perfect solution for you. You can essentially find any insulated cabinet that will store your keg or kegs at the right temperature and convert it into a keezer. This allows you the ultimate means of customization for your home or business. Some people will argue that a keezer will be your more inexpensive means of owning a kegerator; however; this will depend on the cost of your freezer cabinet. The more customization involved in building a keezer, the higher the costs will be. 

However, a pre-built kegerator is much easier for many to own and maintain because it requires only simple assembly and the parts included are designed to perfectly dispense your beverage. This takes away a lot of pressure off of finding the right parts to suit your kegerator, you can also still customize and upgrade the parts to suit your needs. A kegerator requires very minimal work but a great amount of payoff in the quality of the beverages being dispensed. For many homeowners, this will be the most cost-effective and easiest way to own a beverage dispenser. 

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